´┐╝Benefits to individuals and organisations

The mindfulness training has helped me immensely professionally and personally. I have learned to become more aware of myself and the situations I am in, to avoid the pitfalls I would normally encounter by stopping, thinking and approaching things in a calmer and more thoughtful manner. I find it useful on an almost daily basis across so many situations.

Jonathan Conway, Managing Director

On occasions, mediation has energised me and given me far greater focus in the morning. Definitely had a positive impact on my working day.

Alicia Farrell, Manager

Many thanks for giving me some tools with which to improve my (mental) life!

Gulio Galassi, Senior Consultant

After attending these sessions I am happy to confirm that meditation works 100% for me. Now I am mindful where I was judgemental, calm where I was stressed and happy where I was anxious. As I continue to learn to live in the moment, and continue the practise, this already feels good for my mind, body and soul. Thank you so much.

Tracie McCormack

Embodied Mindfulness Meditation Benefits