Mindful Leadership

BeYoCo’s Mindful Leadership Program - The Transformative Edge

invites leaders to train their mind in a similar way like an athlete trains his body. In this program you will learn how to master focus, uncover your own filters and unique driving values, clarify what is important and learn how to act with authenticity, enabling you to become the type of leader you most admire.

Where Science meets real life: The Transformative Edge draws inspiration from leading edge research in cognitive neuroscience, positive and evolutionary psychology, ancient contemplative practices and emotional intelligence. It uses real-life scenarios and delivers Embodied Mindful Leadership by engaging all three centers of intelligence – cognitive, emotional and somatic.

Courses & Workshops: Our Mindful Leadership programs are custom designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients; we offer 8-week programs, 1 to 3-day off-sites and introductory workshops.

One-on One Mindful Leadership Coaching: Over the course of 8 sessions we help individuals to unlock their leadership potential, using a set of interventions based on positive psychology, contemplative practices and well-established coaching models. Programs are designed to fit the individual’s and/or organisation’s goals.

Mindful Leadership -BeYoCo