All our Embodied Mindfulness™ services are tailored to the specific high demands our clients face and designed to suit individual and organisational goals.

Educational Events: Introducing Embodied Mindfulness  as a one-off or a series of workshops to a wider group at your offices or supporting you at your off-site.

Programs for Teams: Delivering measurable results from in-depth practice and experience of Embodied Mindfulness  facilitated in small groups of up to 25 people. Topics include:

Be Present: increase resilience

Create Space: move from tension to expansion

The Mind to Succeed: change perspective and create better results

Increase Creativity: promote states of mind which expand creativity

The Art of Mindful Communication: speak with clarity and promote effective listening

Manage Change: respond skillfully to change

One-on-One Training: Training Embodied Mindfulness  in a One-on-One setting offers a structured and effective way to strengthen your mind’s capacity to achieve positive transformation, specific to your needs.

Mindful Coaching: We tailor our coaching to our client’s needs and aspirations. We support you to realise more of your potential and help you achieve your desired goal. We combine principles of Embodied Mindfulness  with positive psychology coaching tools to enable transformation and positive change. 


Embodied Mindfulness Meditation Services